Jeanice Chieng

Jeanice Chienge

Jeanice is native to Portland and is the daughter of Hmong refugees. As a child, she attended Portland Public Schools and went on to receive her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Oregon. Jeanice naturally gravitated toward Sociology because it gave her the ability to understand and articulate the various systems of oppression, which shape her experiences as a female, woman of color. After undergrad, Jeanice worked as a social worker with Asian Pacific Islander youth, before receiving her J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School. As an attorney, Jeanice worked for two civil law firms and clerked for a Multnomah County Court Judge. Most recently, before joining APANO, Jeanice was a full time mom to two active, toddler boys. Jeanice is passionate about her work at APANO as it fulfills her personal and professional goals to empower and work with marginalized communities.