Workshop Session I

>> Morning Workshops 10:15 – 11:45AM

Avoiding #WhiteWashedOUT in the Arts
by Simon Tam, Toni Tabora-Roberts and Dmae Roberts
When it comes to social justice issues, Asian Pacific Islanders are often left out of the picture. In the arts, we’re nearly invisible. While we’ve developed our own channels, these rarely cross into the mainstream. How can we bring more attention to the arts, while finding ways to reach a larger audience outside of our own communities? How can Asian Pacific Islanders who appreciate the arts do a better job of supporting artists from our own communities?

Our API Community & Mental Health
by Bianca ChinnDr. Baher Butti, and Azusa Ogawa
Mental health is an important topic for many of our families, but we do not always have spaces to talk about it. Join us for a workshop on this issue, featuring a panel discussion from API mental health practitioners.  We’ll address topics from culturally appropriate services to barriers to accessing services, and have an open question and answer session.

Community Organizing 101
by ALLY (API Leaders for the Liberation of Youth)
Come join ALLY (API Leaders for the Liberation of Youth) for this workshop on community organizing. Facilitators will go over why organizing is important and review the core principles and best practices of organizing that helps guide ALLY’s and APANO’s that helped us win our ethnic studies campaign and guides our organizing work. This workshop will be youth-led!

Climate Justice 101
by Shilpa Joshi and Khanh Pham
In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the impacts of climate change on our health and communities. Next, we will explore the meanings of climate justice, particularly as they pertain to Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Most importantly, we’ll talk about strategies to fight for the fundamental changes needed to preserve the health of our communities here in Oregon and in our homelands.

Migration, Place and Power: APIs and Immigrant Justice
by Kara Carmosino
How do we center our families, our migration stories, and the resilience of our communities in a growing climate of fear and hate? In this workshop, we will look at the histories of our communities and how immigration policy has shaped them, focus on current anti-immigrant threats as well as opportunities for immigrant justice both nationally and in Oregon, and talk specifically about next steps to ensure that all our families can thrive.

Mindful Wellness for the Movement: A Reading and Zine-Making Workshop
by Yumi Sakugawa
Meditation, mindfulness, and art-making are powerful tools for self-care and self-empowerment. Join comic book artist Yumi Sakugawa for a two-hour workshop in which she will read excerpts from her book There Is No Right Way To Meditate and share different mindful meditation techniques through her illustrated guides. The visual presentation will be followed by a Q&A and a zine-making session, where participants will learn basic techniques for making zines (self-published DIY magazines) and create their own self-care zine for overcoming mental blocks and emotional obstacles. At the end of the workshop, participants will be encouraged to share their zines with each other. This event was funded in part by an Arts Equity Grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.
A limited number of tickets may be available to attend this workshop independently from Rolling Tides Convention registration. Please email Cultural Work & Development Coordinator Candace Kita at to inquire.